The Phi Psi Experience

When a college man makes the decision to join a fraternity, he also makes a commitment to enhance his life, as well as the lives of those around him. Phi Kappa Psi commits to providing each college man an opportunity to strengthen his character, enhance his academic performance, establish a strong professional and personal network and gain a better understanding of the world around him and the diverse array of people that he will encounter.

From where does the name Phi Psi Experience come? When Woodrow Wilson was president at Princeton University he argued that “fraternities should be an all-encompassing experience for its members; a vehicle for growth into more complex citizenry.” Although some believed he was anti-fraternity, he believed in strong and mature fraternal groups. The Phi Psi Experience seeks to provide opportunities for your growth and to allow you to become a more complex individual.  It is because of this great opportunity that we have created the Phi Psi Experience.

The Phi Psi Experience is a program unlike any other in the fraternal world. It’s an opportunity to ensure that every man who joins Phi Kappa Psi has an opportunity to participate in a shared experience. It will be an experience that he will be able to discuss with other brothers across the country. While each member will have the same core experience, new and exciting opportunities will be added to the program, allowing him to personalize his experience by taking part in programs, sessions and modules that best fit his interests and goals.

The Phi Psi Experience will build a new culture within our Fraternity by providing educational opportunities and new experiences to our members throughout their lives.


Phi Kappa Psi National Statistics:


Total Chapters: 105

Total Colonies: 4

Total Alumni Associations: 51

Total Living Members: Approximately 89,000

Total Lifetime Initiates: 124,000+

Total Undergraduate Members: Approximately 5,900 (Click the infographic below to learn more)

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